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What Works - Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Assessment Results in Strategic Roadmap and an Actionable Plan for Success

Adena Health System

Adena Health System includes three hospitals (Chillicothe, Waverly and Greenfield) and six regional clinics, with a total of 311 beds. Adena provides quality healthcare for the more than 400,000 people who call south central and southern Ohio home. With more than 3,000 employees, Adena serves as an economic catalyst for the region. For several years, Adena has had a data analytics (DA) and business intelligence (BI) capability, which it leveraged to obtain information to enhance the performance of its operations. Yet, despite the availability of these resources and capabilities, Adena never felt the level of information met expectations.

Scope of Engagement

  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Assessment


Opportunities & Challenges
A DA/BI department existed, but there were still pockets of DA/BI resources and efforts were scattered throughout the organization. Often, the efforts of these resources were not coordinated, resulting in many projects failing to reach completion, or efforts being duplicated, and projects completed unknowingly by other departments. Most importantly, the lack of data governance and data definitions created silos of data and inconsistent results, depending on timing and from where the data was pulled. There was no “one source of truth.” So, in a continual pursuit of a solution, Adena moved reporting of DA/BI from area to area, IT, Finance, Operations, etc.

Huntzinger Engagement
Adena engaged Huntzinger and its Next Wave Health Advisors (NWHA) division to conduct a DA/BI assessment, which evaluated Adena’s current and projected needs, and how they related to the organization’s strategic plan and business objectives. The three-month engagement concluded with the development of a DA/BI strategic roadmap that included a 30, 60, 90-day phased approach to remediate issues discovered during the assessment.

Adena is currently implementing recommendations from Huntzinger’s DA/BI roadmap. A hybrid-structure has a core group of DA/BI resources reporting to IT, with some resources remaining distributed in other departments. All DA/BI resources’ activities and projects are well-coordinated through a BI steering committee, with a focus on data governance. Additionally, Adena is currently conducting an inventory of all DA/BI-related projects to prioritize their completion. Data definitions are being established to make reports consistent and accurate, and to ensure that data is pulled from the correct source. With its DA/BI approach now stabilized, Adena will next look to create a data warehouse that will ease reporting demands on its production environment, and will ultimately contain a single “source of truth” for its reporting needs.

“Huntzinger provides a lot of stability and expertise that we didn't have.”

Eric Cecava
Adena Health System

“Huntzinger has been fabulous. Their subject matter experts came in and provided the appropriate perspective for our situation, and they put their recommendations into a format that are actionable.”
Tom Bialorucki
Adena Health System


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