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Consultant’s Corner – Alexandra Rae

An Inside Look into the Lives of Huntzinger Consultants


Client Executive.
“The role of a Huntzinger client executive is two-fold. On one hand, I recruit and provide talent resources for clients so that they’ll have access to assets with the depth, knowledge and expertise they require. On the other hand, I also work on the delivery side of the business to develop strategies and implement the solutions the clients need. I have no problem rolling up my sleeves to do whatever needs to be done — from doing spreadsheets to managing the oversight of major implementations.”

Time at Huntzinger
“I joined Huntzinger in February 2013, and prior to that I was working as an independent consultant for them.”

Time in Healthcare IT
“I’ve been involved in healthcare IT for more than 30 years. I obtained my nursing degree in college, and while I was practicing as a nurse I pursued my advanced degree work. While working as a nurse it became obvious to me that technology and processes were not properly aligned, and reconciling that became my charge as my career advanced.”

What Was Your Most Recent Assignment?
“I was engaged at the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) to provide project leadership for an ongoing rollout of their portfolio suite of solutions (Epic, Cerner and Lexmark) in the inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory settings throughout UMMS. I have recently concluded that multi-year engagement.”

What is Your Domain Strength?
“I’ve been involved in nearly every facet of the healthcare lifecycle, so I can see the big picture. My passion is working with organizations to successfully implement process-driven IT-enabled solutions. You can’t let the technology get out in front of process. I like to work with my clients to help them set a direction and work with them to achieve their goals.”

What are Your Hobbies?
“I like to play golf and I’m the choir director at my temple. I’m also in a mahjong club and a MINI Cooper car club, plus I like to ride my bike.”

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Huntzinger Consultant?
“I’ve been in the business a long time and I have an expectation that the people I work with have a certain level of expertise, and I need to respect the people who I work with. I have all of that and more at Huntzinger. I like the people at Huntzinger and enjoy working beside them. I like them personally and professionally. Having that is a real value-add to my career.”

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