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Consultant's Corner - Belinda Dial

An Inside Look into the Lives of Huntzinger Consultants


I am a Management Consultant and a Delivery Manager for Huntzinger. My background is in IT servicing. I have built and managed IT support and project management organizations (PMOs) in my past and have a particular expertise in support, help desks, and contact centers. I also happen to be a medical technologist with a laboratory background, so I often do lab IT work for our clients. I tend to flip flop between support services and laboratory roles with Huntzinger, depending upon the client’s needs. As a Delivery Manager, I have consultants who report to me, and I manage this team from a Huntzinger perspective on behalf of our clients.

Time at Huntzinger
4.5 years

Time in Healthcare IT
I’ve been working in this capacity for high-tech companies and consulting firms for 30-plus years.

What Was Your Most Recent Assignment?
I am working at Hanover Hospital where I am focused on several enterprise IT projects. We just finished completely replacing the phone system at the hospital and its affiliates. We are in the middle of an Office 365 rollout and integrating the email systems between Hanover Hospital and UPMC Pinnacle following their announced affiliation.

Prior to working with Hanover Hospital, I was working at Geisinger Health System where I led an IT assessment to produce a roadmap for laboratory IT operations that encompassed all of Geisinger’s medical laboratories. The assessment covered Clinical Laboratory, Anatomic Pathology, and touched on Molecular Pathology.

What is Your Domain Strength?
My strength is in building client support organizations that service clients and in managing enterprise-level projects that focus on infrastructure, such as CRM systems, email and networks. My laboratory background also allows me provide expertise with lab IT projects for our clients.

What are Your Hobbies?
My husband and I have been into ballroom dancing for the past two years. I grew up dancing with my high school drill team, and now I’m into ballroom dancing. It is more involved than I thought it would be when we started, but we have had fun with it and have enjoyed learning. I also serve as a mentor for university students in a professional leadership program that is affiliated with a university near my home.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Huntzinger Consultant?
I like the variety of projects and being able to help clients get from point A to point B. In the last 30 years, I tended to gravitate to more difficult servicing situations where there is no “silver bullet” fix. In these situations, I must figure out how to get the client onto the path they want to be on from where they are now. It is very satisfying to be able identify the problems, recommend solutions, and see a project or team re-energized to completion because I provided the path to get there. Huntzinger is a company that is transparent with its clients. We earn their trust, and they always know what’s going on during the engagement.

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