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Consultant's Corner - Rex Conatser

An Inside Look into the Lives of Huntzinger Consultants

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I’m a Senior Management Consultant.

Time at Huntzinger
I started with Huntzinger as a contractor in 2015. I became a Huntzinger employee in October 2016.

Time in Healthcare IT
I’ve been in healthcare for 30-plus years. I have an accounting background, so I started as a controller at a hospital that was part of the State of Arkansas Health and Human Services (HHS). At the time, it took us two to three weeks to close our monthly books using the financial system that they had. I wrote specs for the IT people and programmers to modify the financial system so that we could close the books in a fraction of that time. Once we put it into production, it fixed some issues with the accounting system for Arkansas HHS throughout the state. The person who was the head of Arkansas HHS at the time then placed me into the position to head IT — back in the day when there were green screens, green bar paper and mainframes.

During the next couple decades, I worked in numerous positions at acute, behavioral health, and long-term care facilities. Each of these positions entailed customizing systems. I eventually became the IT CFO for Tenet Healthcare for three years, and later became the National Operations Director for seven years before moving to HCA for almost nine years.

What was Your Most Recent Assignment?
I am currently working at Asquam Community Health Collaborative in New Hampshire. Prior to that I collaborated with Huntzinger’s Nancy Ripari on various technical assessments.

What is Your Domain Strength?
I’ve traversed many facets of the healthcare industry, but my sweet spot is in the tech space — more like the CTO space. My strengths also include finance and contracts, and especially in arranging outsourcing agreements.

What are Your Hobbies?
Outdoor activities, reading, and of course keeping up with new technologies.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Huntzinger Consultant?
I like the variety of work. It’s rewarding to go into an engagement and fix things that don’t work quite right. The challenge that goes along with that is great!

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