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Consultant's Corner - Sean Apanovich

An Inside Look into the Lives of Huntzinger Consultants


Management Consultant and Delivery Manager
“As a management consultant I perform data analytics and IT project management services for our clientele.  As a delivery manager, I establish and oversee Huntzinger’s administrative expectations for a team of talented, experienced consultants.”

Time at Huntzinger
Almost seven years (joined August 2010)

Time in Healthcare IT
10-plus years, including experience on both the insurance and provider sides of the healthcare industry.

What Was Your Most Recent Assignment?
“I’ve been staffed at Hanover Hospital (Hanover, Penn.) for most of my time at Huntzinger. I perform requirements gathering, systems analysis and data analytics that span across clinical, financial, rev cycle, LEAN, quality and ambulatory domains.  Along the way we develop business rules to help end users understand exactly what is happening in their information systems.  Ultimately, we build an intricate knowledge-base that is invaluable to our customers.  This is an often overlooked, yet essential discipline within the clinical informatics vein in a healthcare organization.”

What is Your Domain Strength?
“My background is in IT development/programming, but I really appreciate clinical delivery and the intricate workflows that exist outside of IT.  I finished my masters in clinical informatics last year and I’ve learned to respect the responsibilities within QI, HIM, nursing and physician leadership.  There’s a tangible science to collaborating with contrastingly skilled individuals, and you have to understand and respect the domains people work in, and the way they think.  I consider myself a healthcare IT hybrid, a utility-player, who can wear many different hats and get people to better communicate on a wide variety of topics.”

What are Your Hobbies?
“I enjoy playing golf, and have been doing so since I was 14.  I played golf competitively in college and sport a 6-handicap today.  The consulting lifestyle adds a lot of stress on your body, so it’s important to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.  I exercise and try to eat well.  I throw around free weights, stretch and do cardio at least three times a week.”

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Huntzinger Consultant?
“The best thing about working at Huntzinger is the exposure you get to the great group of professional consultants within the organization.  I have learned so much from my colleagues over the years and it has helped me grow exponentially.  I also have developed many lasting friendships; people I know and sincerely care about.  Most of us are very competitive individuals who have been in high-leverage situations together.  Working in such environments creates a comradery that runs deep.” 

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