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Consultant's Corner - Tom Keil

An Inside Look Into the Lives of Huntzinger Consultants


“I am a Senior Management Consultant. For many of our clients I work as an acting project or applications manager.”

Time at Huntzinger
“I worked at Huntzinger as a contractor for a couple months in 2014, then I took a local position with an HIE in New York, which was a good opportunity to expand my knowledgebase. I then returned to Huntzinger as an employee in August 2016.”

Time in Healthcare IT
“I’ve been in healthcare IT for about 28 years, and in IT in general for 36 years. Before getting into healthcare IT, I worked on graphic controls for a medical instrument supplier and did food distribution programming. When I entered the healthcare IT market, I started as a programmer, moved up to become an analyst, then eventually moved into manager and director positions. In the past 15 years, while working as a consultant, I have serviced over 60 clients across the United States.”

What was Your Most Recent Assignment?
“My last engagement was with Methodist Hospital in Kentucky under a managed services contract. I started as a temporary applications manager, then moved into the role of a project manager for Methodist’s Meditech ambulatory implementation project that involved 21 practices and 60 providers.”

What is Your Domain Strength?
“I’m really vendor agnostic, so I don’t specialize in a particular solution. I’m able to successfully manage implementation projects, whether they are on the business or clinical side of the hospital. After so many engagements, I really understand the flow of a hospital, and I’ve done project management work at hospitals with Meditech, McKesson, Cerner, Siemens and many other solutions.”

What are Your Hobbies?
“I don’t really have any hobbies. I have six children and have been married for 31 years. When I’m not working, I spend my time taking care of the family. For my boys, that has meant being involved in basketball, football and baseball. In the last two years, four of our children have moved out – two of them now live in Florida, one in New York City, and another who is a ballerina in Seattle. My wife is a saint, since she has had to handle so many things while I’ve been on the road so much over the years.”

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Huntzinger Consultant?
“I like working with savvy, experienced professionals who have been around the block, and the people at Huntzinger certainly fit into that category. They have pretty much seen everything in healthcare, and it has been a pleasure to work with them. They always present themselves well in front of clients, which I appreciate, since I’ve worked with consultants in the past who were not nearly as professional as the people at Huntzinger.”

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